Teams calls microphone muted when app loses focus or screen is turned off

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Using a Xiaomi 13, model 2211133G (Global), ROM is [Global](, Android 14.

I'm experiencing an issue with Microsoft Teams where when I am in a teams->teams call if I press the power button to shut off the screen or if I switch to another application the microphone no longer registers any sound. I can still hear the other side of the conversation, but no sound from my side is transmitted until I am back to the application in the foreground.

I've already set no restrictions to background operation in MIUI, given all permissions, cleared cache, even wiped and reset the phone to no avail. Issue occurs with or without a bluetooth headset.


Anyone encounter this before? I've never encountered this on my other phones (Google Pixel 2, Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy 23+). Unknown if this issue is related to Xiaomi MIUI or within MS Teams itself, but need to ask somewhere to start investigating.

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