Teams calls disconnects / dropped / terminated when users are logged into multiple devices

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Hi everyone,

[Edit : see my response below, we don't think this is due to different versions, but due to a user being logged into teams on multiple devices]

What I think we're seeing is a difference in teams desktop client versions causing calls to be dropped or terminated.


The scenario

  • Bob has Teams desktop app version 
  • Sally has Teams desktop app version

When Sally calls Bob (8663 to 9267) then Bob answers the call and the call connects, and they can talk.


When Bob calls Sally (9267 to 8663) then Sally answers the call immediately drops Bob sees "sally ended the call" and Sally sees "Bob ended the call" , and they can't connect.


Meeting invites work for both parties, and in some cases trying several times seems to allow the call to connect (still investigating this).


Is anyone else seeing this ?

The AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\logs.txt exists but I don't know how to interpret

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We've tracked the problem down:
This is ONLY an issue for person to person calls using teams, where the person being called has teams installed and logged in on multiple devices.


The problem : When I receive a call or when I make a call just after the call is answered, it drops or is terminated.
The reason : Microsoft have made a change to the back end of Teams which is causing this issue.
Why we think this : 
  • We tested the firewall - no difference in the issue.
  • We tested the vpn - no difference in the issue.
  • We tested different versions of the Teams app - no difference in the issue.
  • When Bob rings Sally using teams prior to May 2020, Sally could answer using the Teams app on her computer or the Teams app on her phone. Both rang, either could answer the call.
  • In May 2020 When Bob rings Sally using teams and Sally answers using the computer Teams app, the phone app rings slightly longer. When the phone stops ringing the call is terminated.
  • In May 2020 If Sally turns off her phone (and all other devices except one with Teams installed) and answers Bob's call, the call connects no problem.
  • In May 2020 It was the same for Sally ringing Bob if he has Teams installed on multiple devices.
Solutions :
  • Solution A - answer the calls on your mobile device, use the computer Teams app for everything else. BUT this isn't practical if you need to see shared screens or see other peoples screens.
  • Solution B - only have one Teams app signed in. Laptop users keep desktop Teams app signed in. If you don't have a laptop, just keep the phone Teams app signed in if you have it. BUT this is hard for staff who move between laptop and phone use e.g. field workers with laptops
  • Solution C - await a fix from Microsoft taking us back to Pre May 2020 functionality where a call could be answered on any device

@Dorje McKinnon 


One of our users with this issue is running iOS Teams app 2.0.9

@Dorje McKinnon 

After seeing


we got the user (Bob) with

iOS Version 2.0.9 / Build : 1.077.2020050202 (general) / Calling version : 2020.10.01.6

teams app to uninstall the app (they didn't log out first).

Then Bob downloaded and install the app from the apps store (NOT from our companies "comp portal" location).
After Bob signed in in the app about menu shows no change.

- Version 2.0.9 / Build : 1.077.2020050202 (general) / Calling version : 2020.10.01.6


Now Bob is logged in on laptop and phone.

When Sally calls Bob on Teams, if Bob answers using the laptop the call connects. Bob's phone rings once after answering on the computer then the phone stops ringing.


We also tested with Bob logged into phone (after reinstalling iOS Teams app), android tablet and computer. When Sally called Bob was able to answer the call from any device. Just like pre 5 May 2020.

Thanks @user123955  and @Akeelyakub 

Now to tell our users what to do.....



@Dorje McKinnon


Same issue here which seemed to start today, 5/6/2020.


If a user is logged into Teams on macOS and iOS, accepting new, one-on-one video calls fails from macOS.


If that user signs out of Teams on iOS, they can accept new, one-on-one video calls from macOS.


A user here is signed into Teams on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. If they just sign out of iOS, leaving iPadOS and macOS logged in, they can still accept new, one-on-one video calls.


Problem starts with iOS Teams App Version 2.0.9. We are still testing on different devices. Version 2.0.8 works. Our workaround disable call notification in Teams app configuration...

Thanks @Jschneid70 

we tested that too and yes it works , but for our workforce it isn't an option to turn off notifications in the iOS teams app. Especially for front line workers.


Uninstall and reinstall has worked for users we've seen so far.

Answer from Microsoft TM212147

Current status: We've identified that the problem causing incoming calls to intermittently drop exists within the Teams iOS client build 2.0.9. We're validating a fixed version of this build for release to the iOS app store and we encourage users to refrain from updating to the current version of the app until the new version is released tomorrow

I have a user who is experiencing the same issue but on Windows. 
The app on their iPhone works flawlessly.


Teams version (64-bit)

Hi there, @Jamie_Powis 


The issue is with the iOS app dropping the call after it has been answered on the windows device. I think because it rings 1/2 a ring longer than the desktop device.


With your user get them to turn their phone off, and I'll bet they don't have the issue when someone calls them.

It looks like Microsoft will have a fix in the next couple of days, with a new version of iOS

@Dorje McKinnon Microsoft releases iOS Teams Version 2.0.10. The Calling-problem is now fixed.


Title: Incoming calls can't be answered in Microsoft Teams intermittently User Impact: Incoming calls to users may have been intermittently dropped upon answering. Final status: We've confirmed that the new Teams iOS client build 2.0.010 which contains the fix for the problem is now available for download in the iOS App Store. As the auto-update feature for the app remains disabled at this time, we encourage affected users to manually update to the latest version of the Teams iOS client to resolve the problem. Scope of impact: Impact was intermittent and specific to users who were signed in to the Teams iOS app alongside any other version of the Teams client with the same account. Start time: Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 7:30 AM (5:30 AM UTC) End time: Friday, May 8, 2020, 6:00 AM (4:00 AM UTC) Root cause: The Teams iOS client build 2.0.9 contained an error that would intermittently cause incoming calls to drop upon answering. Next steps: - We're working to identify additional testing methodologies to better ensure the efficacy of our iOS client builds. We'll publish a post-incident report within five business days.

Many thanks @Jschneid70 


I've just checked my iOS device and it has updated itself automatically to 2.0.10.


Because I'd already uninstalled and reinstalled 2.0.9 (which fixed my problem) does someone want to confirm by testing a device which was causing the problem (but which wasn't uninstalled and reinstalled) that 1) 2.0.10 has installed automatically and that the issue no longer happens ?

best response confirmed by Dorje McKinnon (Steel Contributor)

@Dorje McKinnon 


i can confirm that updating iOS App (from version 2.0.9 to 2.0.10) also resolves the problem (testing on different devices with iOS and iPadOS) 


ATTENTION: User must update the iOS App manually, no automatic Update in the Apple iOS Store !!! As the auto-update feature for the app remains disabled at this time by Microsoft affected users should manually update to the latest version of the Teams iOS client to resolve the problem.

Hi @Jschneid70 

For anyone reading this my app auto updated fine on iOS.

@Dorje McKinnon I tried to log-off from my mobile and stayed log-in only on my desktop but I the same problem continues. If I'm called on TEAMS and I pick-up the call first I do not hear the other party (they do) and then the call drops; if I call on TEAMS the other party everything is fine. In addition if I join a meeting scheduled via TEAMS the same happen I do not hear the team and the the call drops. This does not happen when I connect to the scheduled call from the browser - just desktop-up. Also it is worth mentioning that everything worked fine for couple of month but this pattern had started to show-up about 3-4 weeks ago. Any suggestions? By the way I'm using iMac. 

Hi @Rbert_Sndor 


Sorry but I don't have any experience with Macs. Try doing the reverse, logout on your desktop computer then get someone to call you, take the call on your mobile and see if it works. Then do the reverse. That should help you narrow it down.

@Dorje McKinnon Thanks for reply. It works on mobile just fine. After login-off from the desktop TEAMS I can receive and initiate calls from mobile wihtout any problems:(. By the way the verision of TEAMS on my desktop is Regards, Robert

Hi @Rbert_Sndor 

I have windows 10 64bit teams version and iOS teams version 2.0.10 build 1.077.2020050702 calling version 2020.10.01.21


The problem we had was the iOS phone version hanging the call up.
What may be happening for you is that the Mac version is hanging up the call ??
Sorry but you may need to get onto a Microsoft Teams Mac forum and see if there are other people with your specific issue.

I’m experiencing this on my Windows 10 enterprise laptop running Office 365 and the latest Teams. This is frustrating as I’m doing a lot of presentations and then my meeting call keeps on dropping

@Peet435 did you find a fix? Experiencing the same thing. Have to restart Teams before most calls.