Teams Call Notifications Outside Business Hours

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Good day everyone,


I am experiencing an unusual issue with one of my Teams auto attendants. I have my business hours set as 08.30 - 17.00 Mon-Fri


My after hours call flow is a greeting message followed by a redirection of the call to a voicemail group.


The problem is that calls made before 08.30 or after 17.00 still ring and notification of the call for my users pop up as normal. Furthermore - I have made test calls after 17.00 myself and I do encounter the greeting message and subsequently get routed to voicemail but I am able to remotely connect to their workstation and observe the notification window appear as I am making the call.


My users are complaining to me about this. Is this normal? Should the calls still ring/notify before or after the set business hours?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.





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Hi Stewart,

If the Auto-Attendant is configured to route the call to the voicemail group at 17.00 the calls coming on 17.00 or after that needs to be routed to voicemail group.

1, Is the issue with only one Auto Attendant or all the auto attendant?
2. In case we have only one auto attendant can you please check if we can build another one and see if we face the same issue?
3. In the Auto Attendant configuration please validate the two configuration
Is your Business Hours Configured properly
Is the Time Zone set correctly for the Auto Attendant as per your business hours?

With Regards,
Satish U


Good morning Satish,


Thank you for your reply.


To my knowledge this issue is only with one auto attendant. I haven't had any reports from other sites but I can double check.


Happy to build another auto attendant for testing.


My business hours are set as Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM which are correct.


I recently updated the time zone to check if this helped but no change. Initially it was set to UTC but we are currently British summer time so I have set to UTC +1


The after hours call flow is working. When I call at 5:01 PM I encounter the greeting message that has been set and I am then redirected to voicemail which is also correct as per configuration. As mentioned the call notification still appears for my users when I make these test calls after hours.


Thank you.