Teams Calendar Issue | "Couldn't load your calendar. Let's give it another try"

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Good day,


We started a new tenant at the beginning of the month, and our calendars are not displaying in Teams, which brings up this notification on all PCs on tenant.




Please assist.




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Is that when using the Teams app, or when browsing to

@Rob Ellis I am having the same problem in both desktop and web applications on a mac.




I would open a support ticket, and in the meantime, check that all the correct DNS entries are in place for your domain - check

Hi there Any feedback yet did the same over the weekend with new Tenant and now it is not working same problem....




Did anyone find a solution to this?  I have the same problem with a single user out of 200.

Both Teams app and web, on multiple computers.

@scott4950 there was no fix that I came across - but I just left it and at some point it just started working

Same problem here (and a colleague of mine has it too). Can't invite people to meetings :cry:

@Christian_Hamm  I'm new to the whole Office365 platform coming from Gsuite (Google).  I'm having the same issue with not being able to load my calendar in Teams.  So far, no fix has been offered by Microsoft, I'll have our IT support look at this this week.


Hello, did your IT team find any solution ? having two users affected with that, we have configuration where UPN<>SIP, also experience that after some time it will get fixed on its own... just wondering if there is any way how to "make the fix quicker" ...

I have the same problem.

My calendar ist not showing up in Teams, and I cannot invite people.

Is there already a solution to this problem?


@Robert2200- Hi, I found that if you just leave it, it eventually sorts itself out

@RussellC Definitely, the only workaround is just to be patient, it is self-fixing within 48 hours usually.

@Rob Ellis 



Is there a fix available for the problem mentioned in this thread?

I can't access the calendar. (for months now)

Our service technicians can't find a problem on our side.


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Bart Br.



signed user out of MS Office
signed into PC as admin and ran dsregcmd /leave
then restarted PC
good to go


hope this helps

@RelogCSF Sign out MS teams, restart PC and then sign in again. Hope can help.




I installed team today .But I have the same issue with the calendar.How you resolved it. 


I had one user reported the same today. Here is what I did, but not sure which step(s) are the fix.

1. In Teams desktop app, check for update. 

2. Log into, user signed in. 

3. Go to Teams web app, go to Calendar. It loaded successfully there. 

4. Go back to Teams desktop app, the update has completed. Follow the prompt, close desktop app, re-open. Go to Calendar in the desktop app again, it loaded successfully.