Teams Business Voice conflict with audio apps

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Hi everyone,


Many members of our staff have music apps like Spotify, YouTube, or Pandora running in the background, and when they get a Teams Business Voice call, the apps keep playing. They have to mute them before taking the call. This happens even though I've set the Windows audio panel Communications tab setting to When Windows detects communications activity: Mute All other Sounds. Specifically, they're having this problem with the Poly Voyager Focus UC - a headset I thought was certified for Teams Voice. I contacted Poly technical support, and their engineers confirmed that none of their headsets support this feature when calls come in through Teams (or Google Voice for that matter). My question is this: How can I tell if a headset will support muting other sounds when a Teams Voice call comes in? I can't for the life of me find anything in device tech specs that might be an indicator and don't want to keep buying and returning headsets until I find some that work. I'm also confused by the fact that my personal (and non-Teams certified) Aftershokz and cheap Logitech and Soundcore headsets perform as expected.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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@GZawadzki Thanks for reminding me this feature communications audio could impact.  My pc was dropping volume by 80% when windows detected communication and was effectively making my headset volume almost un-audible.   My only other work around was setting my headset to headphones and using the build in mic on my surface to maintain volume in calls. Not ideal when you need to walk away from the device and headset mic would be better.