Teams automatically creating folders in the group Sharepoint

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Hello, I'm trying to spin up Teams buy have come across a hiccup.  Teams automatically is creating a folder with the channel name in the Sharepoint site main directory of our group.  I do not want it to do this.  I would like it create these folders and save the files in a specific directory.  How can I do this instead?

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@K5_DawnB That is how Teams is constructed to do it. For each channel you create it will create a folder. You can delete the folder but Teams will create a new folder when someone access the files tab or upload a file to the channel. 

@Linus Cansby  thanks for the reply!  That is a total bummer - might be a dealbreaker for me to be able to use it.  It will create a huge mess of our shared library.  

@Linus Cansby We are experiencing the same behavior. Having folders created for every channel in the root SP is a big issue for our organization. It is disappointing that one cannot control where Teams is placing these folders. Microsoft needs to address this fundamental issue. 

@Linus Cansby 

Is there a way to change the naming of these auto-created folders? If I can't stop the folders from being automatically created, it would be great to be able to add the time to the title, so that duplicate folders are not created to house these files that have the same name. It creates files with the same name if an alert is posted in the same day, which forces it to house it in a newly created folder.