Teams Android - Any way to change the notification sound?

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I'd like to be able to distinguish between my Teams notifications and all my game, calendar, etc notifications but I'm not seeing anywhere within Teams where I can change that sound it uses.  Is there any way to do that within Teams or somewhere else within Android itself anywhere?


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Hi Mike. On my Android (v9) I do this by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Teams > Notifications, and then by clicking on the relevant Teams feature. Hope it works for you, too. //Magnus

@Magnus Fälth  That page lets me turn notification on or off for various things, but I don't see anywhere I can tell Teams to use a specific sound different than every other app that gives me notifications.

@Mike Boehm Ok, I see. What if you click on the specific feature you want to change the sound for (in that list where you feel you are stuck)? I am able to do that, e.g. for Chats, and I then get to set the notification sound. Does this work for you?

@Magnus FälthYes, I can do that individually but what I was hoping to do is change All of Teams so that every notification from Teams would the same sound and have that sound be different from the 'default' sounds that is used for calendar reminders, game update, and everything else.

E.g. I can go into my SMS app and change the notification sound so that every text I get uses sound XYZ instead of the 'default notification sound' that is built into Android.


So yes, I can go through all those options under Apps | Teams | Notifications and change them all to a different sound, but there should be somewhere within Teams that I can set the default sound for Teams which would affect all of those individual settings at once.

@Mike Boehm Ok, I see. I don't think that is possible, but let's hope someone else can prove me wrong. Cheers.

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Hi there
Firstly, I own a OnePlus so there might or might not be feature/step differences.

Open Teams App -> Settings -> Notifications -> General activity -> Chats -> Chats (again) -> Advanced options -> Sound -> Choose your pick!

I hope this helps since I am a year and a month late to this post. 

Thank you so much! This worked perfectly on my Pixel 4a running android 10 @Amina537 



Are you able to select non-default phone ring tones?
I desperately need to use louder tones in a factory.

It just has the galaxy listed ones (galaxy phone) and not the new ones I added

@Taylor_Cline On my Samsung S9 I had to copy the custom sounds into Internal Storage > Notifications Folder via a USB-C cable connection with my computer. You may be able to send via e-mail and save the sound file in that location too. FYI Samsung prefers ogg format.

@Forrest Hoffman 

I can see the files in the notification folder but not the defualt ones that come with the phone.
Because when I go to the notification selection in MS Teams it only shows the Phone default tones and no option to select a different folder.

Is this what you see?

@Taylor_Cline Sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking. I thought you wanted to use a custom sound.  Many of the app defaults are in the location with the apps. As it turns out it looks like Teams app does not allow changing the sounds.  I was working on assumption of another app I had recently done the same.  I changed the sounds for the Samsung SmartThings and Google Hangouts.  I assumed that the API was the same for all apps but I was wrong.

So helpful :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Works for me!
Have Samsung Note 10

I am trying to set a sound in MS Teams mobile (I have a redmi 6 pro) I followed the steps provided but after the first Chats option i reach a dead end. Under Chats I only have Show Notification / Floating... / Vibration / On the lock screen... but i do not have Advanced Options to then pick sound and browse the sounds in my phone.... any ideas?



I have found a way to change the sound for all of Teams. It's still somewhat granular, but I think it's what you're looking for. (Android 11+ and should work on other versions)

Profile icon/photo > Settings > Notifications > Configure Notifications

All Notifications is just a toggle, but the others have sound options.
Can we do change the message notification sound on Mac? or Windows?

@Amina537  Thank you for this post . . . saved my sanity!