Teams and MacMini (not M1) and no audio

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MacMini 2020 (Not M1),
Catalina, Skullcandy earbuds with mic.
Connected to USB-C port with Apple USB-C adapter
On the Preferences page, the mic shows up as Input and the Input level works when I speak
Mic works everywhere EXCEPT on microsoft teams.

Second config - MacBook Air (Not M1)
Sierra, Skullcandy earbuds with mic
Connected direct to the 3.5 mm port on on the Air
Everything works perfectly on Teams.

Here's the problem - I need the MacMini for teleconferences because it's got lots more memory than the Air. On the Air, only 4GB, it's painful to run Teams, a browser and Powerpoint at the same time.
My solution (which I don't like) is to have Teams both systems, just so I can use the mic on the Air but all the rest of the conferencing is being done on the MacMini.

Anyone got any ideas how to make Teams and the mic work on the MacMini?

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