Teams 2.0 Moves Away from Electron to Embrace Edge WebView2


Windows 11 will include a consumer version of Teams, which looks as if it will be the first iteration of Teams 2.0, a new architecture which replaces Electron with Edge WebView2 as the basis for the Teams client. Microsoft predicts that the change will reduce the memory footprint by half and make it possible to introduce some new features. There’s no dependency between Windows 11 and Teams 2.0, but given the amount of work needed to make architectural transitions, it’s unlikely that we’ll see an enterprise Teams 2.0 client until sometime in 2022.

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Exciting news, thanks Tony
If anyone's interested in some "behind-the-scene" details of the new Teams 2.0 WebView2-based architecture, I just blogged about it:
(Disclaimer: I'm not a Microsoft employee or affiliate).

@Tony Redmond 


Microsoft Teams makes me suffer all day. I'm working remotely and my company unfortunately chose this chat app.
Our company is not willing to take the risk of migrating to Windows 11, so, does it mean we corporate slaves have to endure the pain for the foreseeable future ?
Tying a simple chat app to an operating system makes no sense to me. And you don't give any technical clue why It would have to be so.

I don't work for Microsoft, so my opinion is my own. You're entitled to your view.