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Hi all,


Teams has recently been installed at my workplace and I am hoping it can solve a checklist conundrum we have where we need:


- daily checklist of tasks to be completed for entire team

- tasks assigned to different team members on a daily basis

- checklist needs to be collaborative (ie each member ticking off what they have done)

- checklists needs to be audited, therefore each daily checklist needs to be saved in a location for later viewing


I am currently testing the potential for Teams to solve this , so far I have setup a channel called Daily Checklists, within channel i have set up a Planner tab called Checklist xx/xx/xx (for specified date). For the next day I hit the '+' button for a new tab and rename it to new current date - it looks great, however I have just come across an issue - any changes to current checklist changes all previous days checklists. Is there a setting I can adjust so this does not happen?


Also, if anyone has any other suggestions on how I can better use Teams for checklists I am all ears! 


Thanks in advance,



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@DMSYD when you are adding the new tab, and choosing Planner, you need to ensure you are creating a new plan - rather than using an existing plan.



Hi @Rob Ellis, thanks for the info - I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.


If I create a new plan does that mean I would have to re-enter/type the entire checklist each time? This could be difficult as there are around 40 daily tasks on the list.


Yes, it does! But why not use the same plan and called checklist and create buckets for each day with checklist tasks! That way you can copy tasks from day to day

Thanks for suggestion @adam deltinger 


We get audited on these checklists, so how each day's task was ticked off needs to be preserved on file somewhere. At the moment however, when I copy an existing checklist and commence current day's activity, all previous day's checklists change as well.  I was hoping there was a setting where I could turn off this feature. 



I have the exact same scenario and was wondering if you were able to get this figured out.  I need a daily checklist that is the same each day.  My department members need to be able to click off as these tasks are completed but the results of the checklist being completed need to be saved.   I am also setting the checklist in Teams using Planner.  Would appreciate any assistance figuring this out.

@DMoore642020 You can use for the same. It does the exact job that is being described. Please feel free to contact for any queries on