Team Chat Display(client and web) Conservation Retention

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I been ask  a question that a thought would be easy to find but not so, when we go to chat section in team(client or web) what the logic for keeping chat history? Storage limit date limit or something else? I know that we can search for specific topic but why does some chat disappear of that section.

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Hi @Bistro45   Are you asking how the chats are shown?  By chronological order, so the most recently commented or created chats show up at the top of the chat list. 


(If I've misunderstood your question, please indicate that for other community members to respond.)


You might also find this document handy:  Four things to know about group chats in Teams - Office Support (

so It by chronological order is there a limit of time, my last is in december @ThereseSolimeno 

Hi @Bistro45  Not to give you extra homework but you can set the retention policies, based on this article: Retention policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

I know about retention, we even have enable for 16 mouth but il more of why dosent't show in the chat section until a certain  date @ThereseSolimeno 

@Bistro45  We are facing the same question regarding the amount of chat history on display. I agree, this isn't related to retention. The chats are still available via search, they just are not readily available in the display for browsing. It is a little like using the Exchange setting "Mail to keep offline".  You can still get to it, you just have to go an extra step.


I thought I remembered seeing that a chat will appear in "recent" for 30 days before it falls off the list and it appears that chat history which is browsable is 90 days.  But I can't find this documented and all I can find is the non-applicable retention policies.


Were you able to find this information or are you too still looking?