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I've recorded seven trainings using Teams by recording only myself in a session, and find it to be an incredible tool. However, it's been a few days now, and the transcripts for two of the recording were never produced / created. The message I continue to receive is:  "The transcript is taking longer than expected. Refresh, or check back later." Can I expect that they will ever be created? 

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@sandra0108 Hi, at least you get an message that it is taking longer time to create the transcript than expected. So that sounds like there is something processing in the background. If nothing is updated after the weekend I suggest that you create a support ticket to Microsoft Support and have them to look into this issue. 

@Linus Cansby thank you. I've submitted a support ticket.


I'm having exactly the same issue.  I used to be able to upload a video and the captions would be generated automatically within an hour (or double the duration of the video, as it says).  Now I just get this endless message stating that captions are taking longer than expected, and they never finish ... not even weeks later.  


I depended on this tool to generate captions for our videos to 90% accuracy, which I would then clean up before publishing.  But now I'm back to uploading to YouTube and using their AI captioning tool.  Their first pass isn't as accurate, but at least it generates a file that I can edit and download.  I wish Microsoft would fix this, and also allow us to use the translation tool for uploads, not just live events.