Stop Teams from Running on Android

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How can we stop Teams from running on an Android phone.  It doesn't need to be running on my laptop and on my phone and it makes the phone run slow (same as the laptop) and uses the battery. 


Since you cannot turn off Teams, you have to go into Apps and force stop but then Teams within a half hour starts running by itself again and needs to be forced to stop again, over and over.

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Hi @rwrusselljr   What happens if you just sign out of the app on your phone?

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks for the idea, but that was already tried.  When you sign out of Teams, MS signs you out of all MS apps on your phone such as One Drive, Outlook, etc.

Yikes @rwrusselljr   Besides waiting for suggestions from the community, have you considered making this feature request at our Uservoice feedback forum?  Others with the same issue can vote on it and you'll be kept informed of any progress by the engineering team.

I am also very much interested in turning off the app, but it seems like you are saying there is no way to turn it off completely? It looks like someone went through great lengths to add background android running services to constantly turn on the app if killed. It feels more like the app was designed on purpose to always run without the possibility to turn off. Since when did turning off/killing an app became an optional feature?


I am having the same issue - but so far have only been able to uninstall the program. And when I tried to re-install it, it wouldn't do so over a mobile network.

Uninstalling does stop it running. It's just not a good solution. Hoping that Microsoft has a better option.


In the end I just uninstalled the app completely. I don't really need it on my phone. I use my laptop at work and access teams through that.

I did a bit of digging on my rooted phone and I saw several wake-up services that simply open the app every ~20 minutes if killed. I also noticed that the app force-opens whenever you share anything. This is because teams integrates a share menu in android which cannot be customized to remove certain apps. I believe it's called the TokenSharingService.

In conclusion, this is by design, so that you have it running always. By the looks of it, they REALLY put lots of effort into making this app impossible to kill.

I honestly don't think that Microsoft will change this so, goodbye forever Teams from my phone.


@rwrusselljr I agree.  I should be in control of my phone.  The way smartphones are now, they are the most advanced tracking device ever made.


I want to shut down MS Teams because the only reason I use it is for the occasional scheduled teams call over the weekend when not in the office.  Otherwise, I do not want it on, or enabled in the background.  I don't care about the other services that Teams enables (sharing, etc.) because I am one of those crazy people that doesn't want to be connected to the office 24/7.   I don't do any work over the weekend, unless pre-arranged.


Bring back the option to force shut it off, then keep it off.  For most people, they'll keep it running.  For the few that know what they are doing, they force shut it off for a reason.  Respect that.