Sticky filters per channel for Teams Lists

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I would like to request 'sticky' filters for Teams lists, meaning: 

- At channel A, I want to be able to only show the records filtered on column X (e.g. only records from department A)

- At channel B, I want to be able to filter on column Y (e.g. records from all departments, but only concerning Quality)

- Etc etc etc


(We use 1 list for different channels because of cross-departmental use)


Today, filters get reset every time you go to another page, which is extremely annoying & time consuming, especially because the filtering itself is anything but user-friendly.


Second issue: relative time filter would be very nice. Filtering a date like the picture below is just horrible, and in no way acceptable for this use in 2021...



Schermafbeelding 2021-01-21 091811.png


Thanks in advance!


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You can’t have sticky filters per say. But if you utilize the website tab. You should be able to use the filters via URL query strings that show up when applying filters via SharePoint lists on the web.

I haven’t tested if it holds the URL in teams but an idea you can try out. Other than that I don’t think it’s possible using lists. You could build a powerapp to serve up list data and use team variable to filter data as well as maybe another alternative and you could have a bit better date filtering.
The URL-fix doesn't work unfortunately. I guess we'll have to wait until this basic feature gets implemented.

@STISUT I have just discovered a way to make this work. You can achieve this with saved views. 


  1. Create your list and filter as you wish
  2. Click on All Items > Save view as
  3. Give your view a name and save
  4. Now go to the same menu and select Edit current view
  5. There will be a field Web address of this view copy this URL and use that when you are adding the list to Teams. 

BINGO Teams loads the filtered list. Also, you can update the saved view and it will populate everywhere you have it linked in teams


I hope this helps :)


@STISUT Here's what I did to apply a filter to an Issue Tracker list.  This should work for any list:


Log into Microsoft Teams in a browser

Open your Issue Tracker Channel/Tab

Next to the Integrate dropdown, click on ...

Select Open in Sharepoint

Select the View that you want to apply your filter to

Apply your filter

Your URL should have changed after this.  Copy the URL from the address window in your browser.

Open your Microsoft Teams desktop application

Open the channel containing your Issue Tracker.

Click on the + to add a new tab

Select Website

Name the tab as you like.  Under URL, paste the URL you copied in your web browser.

Click Save


Now you have a filtered view of your Issue Tracker.  You'll have to make multiple tabs for multiple views.


Convoluted for sure but it will do the trick until Microsoft allows us to save the filter as well as the sort for a particular view.  You would figure this would be Day 1 functionality right?

Note: When I did this, it looks as if the filter applied to the View within the original tab of the issue tracker. You may not have to create a new tab for each view.