Static noise on MS Teams during powerpoint screenshare (Mac)

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Hi, I've used Teams for a few years and this is a new problem for me in the last 2 weeks.

In Teams, if someone else shares their screen with a Powerpoint, I have very loud static noise so that I can't hear anything else and they can't hear me. I have to read captions/use chat. The noise stops as soon as they stop screen sharing.

It's only when they share Powerpoint. If the same person, in the same meeting, same set up, swaps to sharing a PDF of that Powerpoint there's no problem. 

This has happened several times now - different meetings, different participants, different days, same problem. I've restarted etc.  I updated to Monterey (12.6) after it started, but that didn't solve it. 

Any suggestions on what I should try next?



In one case, it seems to happen when they share their powerpoint by selecting from the 'powerpoint live' list - it doesn't happen if they share by selecting the 'window'.  





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I am experiencing the same effect but slightly different scenario - and it started happening two weeks ago also.


I get this loud static noise when I share a PPT via Teams. I can't hear anyone else and - strangely - nobody else can hear the status even though it is deafening on my side. This is where *I* share the ppt slideshow, and does not happen when others share theirs with me.


I have a MacBook Air running the latest version of MS Teams for MacOS and use an Apple Studio Display.


I have tried all sorts of options but can't work out how to stop it.



I have now isolated these issues to the use of the Studio Display when sharing Powerpoint slides to an audience. It is only that combination that gives the issues and it fails consistently.


If I change the MS Team device settings to use the internal MacBook Speakers and Microphone then it works fine. As soon as I send them to the Studio Display it provides an incessant, loud, static noise to me... but no-one else can hear it.


Will try and report to Apple.

Same issue here not linked to studio display but a LG ultra fine display. It happens indeed when others share their screen using the powerpoint live function while we use external display audio : very loud static that none one else can hear. Switching to the internal speakers/microphone fix it but going back to external display audio during the same call show the same symptoms. One needs to leave teams or at least close the call and join again. 

Interestingly, the static stops when the person stops sharing using powerpoint live. 

This is very annoying and the latest Teams builds do not help (I just experienced the issue with the build).  

extra info : -using an Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro on OSX 12.6 + LG ultra fine 5K (firmware up to date), all office apps up to date. 

extra info on the setup of the one sharing using powerpoint live : Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro or PCs on Windows 10 (all up to date).

Thank you! It's such a relief it's not just me - very few people I work with have Macs so they don't share the problem - and they can't hear it when it happens.
I always use headphones on Teams. Switching to internal speaker/mic didn't fix it for me. I do have an external display but never use it's audio.
My Teams says it's Version updated on 10/10/22. The problem still occurred yesterday (13.10.22).
I'm in group meetings which I can't leave, so all I can do is take my headphones off and try to follow the live captions until they stop screen sharing. It does feel easier now I've narrowed it down to the Powerpoint Live - but it's still very annoying.
Yes : very annoying. Use the help button (bottom left of your Teams main window) -> Give Feedback to directly send the issue summary to Microsoft : the merrier, the better. I just sent this text :

That's interesting as I thought it was an issue with the Studio Display and have logged a support request with Apple. It may actually be an MS Teams App issue on macOS then. I'll log it with MSFT too.

I have added may upvote and comments to your Feedback. I recommend others do the same too.
Thanks very much! So great to get rid of that noise :)
Hi - did you find a fix or are you saying "it will be good to get rid of the noise" once fixed? You built my hopes up a little there as I am still suffering this on every call !
Hi ... on your LG Ultra Fine are you connecting the Mac to the monitor through Thunderbolt or some other medium? Trying to find what is common here as I suspect you and I are doing something that most people do not, so wondered if it might be the connection speed or cable technology we're using...

@Thealbs - For me, I was quite happy to just have the sound coming through my Macbook in order to stop that static. I have it up on a stand to my left and use the Studio display in front of me to look at things..

Just wanted to chime in and say we are also experiencing this problem with our Mac users (Mac OS 12.6, both Intel and M1 chips) on Teams Version Static audio for certain mac users, and the powerpoint slides turn purple/magenta for many Windows users on the call. It just started happening about 2 weeks ago for one mac user who presents a lot on calls -- his audio gets a loud static noise, and then the Windows users see magenta slides (inverted color?) instead of white background slides. It does seem to be specific to Powerpoint Live sharing, and LG UltraFine displays. Our org is currently trying to test whether it's specific to the audio of the LG Ultrafine Displays, or video, or both.

I somewhat fixed it by :
- deinstalling Teams :
- I also un-installed the teams Audio in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL (not sure if this makes a difference)
- Installing an older version (NOT ticking on "installing the audio driver"):
- Preventing automatic autoupdate of microsoft programs (no way to prevent the automatic update of Teams only)
Not the best solution but at least one can interact with others...
I somewhat fixed it by :
- deinstalling Teams :
- I also un-installed the teams Audio in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL (not sure if this makes a difference)
- Installing an older version (NOT ticking on "installing the audio driver"):
- Preventing automatic autoupdate of microsoft programs (no way to prevent the automatic update of Teams only)
Not the best solution but at least one can interact with others...

@Thealbs Chiming in as well that I have the same problem, also started several weeks ago.  LG UltraFine 27-inch display, connected to Mac Mini (M1, 2020) via thunderbolt / USB-C, Mac Teams version  Problem only happens when audio comes from the LG monitor, not a problem on headphones or internal speaker.

I have the same issue (when used with the LG 5K monitor). Currently I have not found a fix. This was the case using Monterey as well as Ventura (which I just upgraded to.) Microsoft Powerpoint Live does not work because of the amount of STATIC NOISE.

Microsoft - please come up with a fix. Thanks.

I'm having the exact same issue with a Mac Studio Display as well.


You have Microsoft Teams Version It was last updated on 10/29/22.

I'm having the same exact issue. Only way to solve for it is to plug some headphones directly into my laptop and switch my audio output to "External Microphones".


More broadly, Microsoft Teams does audio on the Mac in such a strange and unique way. None of the other video-conference tools I use have anywhere near the same number of issues. It's gotten so bad that I'm now actively asking coworkers and customers to use Zoom or Webex instead.

I always use headphones and external mic - and that static noise is loud.
I've taken to asking people not to use powerpoint live - and if I'm in a situation where that's not an option, I take off my headphones and use live captions to try to follow their presentation until they switch the powerpoint off.
It is so annoying. Will Microsoft ever fix it?