simultaneous meetings in Microsoft teams?

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Please advise how many multiple simultaneous calls we can join in MS Teams . Also is there a way to moderate multiple meetings in channels to bring back the participants in one meeting?

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Hi @SIqbal_2019 


Using One Teams Application you can join only one Teams Call. You can always join one call from the Teams Desktop Application and the second call from the Microsoft Teams Web Application. The only issues I see would be for moderation. If you have handful of people joining to both the meeting this is doable. But if this are large would recommend to keep it separate.


As an alternative in case you want to run multiple teams application on the desktop here is the below link for the reference. 


Multiple Instance of Microsoft Teams Applications


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Hi @Satish2805 


Does this mean I can join one call from my laptop and the second call from my phone without any issues? Just want to make sure.