Show all tasks (active and completed) and export task list

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Just wondering if anyone know how to display all tasks (active and completed) in a list view. Also, I don't see away to export the list view to MS Excel.


Appreciate your help on this. 





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@christinahaf From within Teams, no there isn't, however the Tasks app in Teams is just giving you an aggregated view of Planner and ToDo tasks.


If the tasks you are interested in are part of a Teams plan you can go to Planner directly and can view and export the tasks from there.

Hi Steven,

Thank you so much that helps a lot! We updated to Microsoft 365 this week I never used it before and I really that you can install different applications.


just fun fact: this URL reflect to "Planner" button in my office suit list
it took me a while to find it at the first time