Sharing system audio in Teams from a Mac

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How do I share system audio in a Teams meeting? I attempted to share a video in a meeting and I shared my window but did not see an option to "share system audio." The other members of hte meeting could see the video but had no audio.


I am on a Mac Book, OS Mojave.



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Hi @KHSherwood

Microsoft are working on Share System Audio for Mac per this uservoice

Share video and audio during meetings is released on Windows. Mac support is now planned for CY20Q3.

Not currently there yet but coming soon


UPDATED 30/06/2021: Share System Audio is now available and has been released


Share system audio during meetings – Welcome to UserVoice!

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Hi is there any update on this? 


It's a huge inconvenience in a teaching setting not being able to share audio with my students.

@Christopher Hoard 


Please ! Is there any update for the Sharing audio button ? We had it in March and June but it disappeared when working on a MAC.


Can you fix it quickly please ?


Thank you,


David Hinse


@davidhinse indeed this is absolute garbage.


We are forced into using TEAMS by our administration and its underwhelming at best, and grossly impedes our work at worst.


This is an example in the "grossly impedes" category. You can't even do simple presentation from a mac with audio.


TEAMS should not even be released if its not fully functional with what is, let's be honest the basics. The issues we have had with Microsoft Teams have caused so much time and so many lost opportunities that would NOT have been had we been able to use a proper software that was tried and tested, not this half baked 'product'.


Profiteering on the part of Microsoft during a critical time when people need REAL meeting/screen sharing solutions pretending they had a functional product...why am I not surprised? Lest we forget the anti trust lawsuit brought against Microsoft not so long ago...i'd say pretending they have a functional online meeting/screensharing solution included in their suite is akin to making it difficult for competitors software to be used/installed/available on machines running their suite/institutions with suite buy in...and yes, that's what they were sued for by the US gov (and lost) in the 90's.


I've worked on many international projects prior to teaching and have used plenty of solutions like Go To Meeting and Zoom that actually work. I literally just had to give my students admin passwords i'm not supposed to have to install zoom (the FREE version) on school computers for this to work. Last week I was all set to present an Audio in Adobe Premiere Workshop on my mac and was forced after finding out the audio wouldn't share to do it from my PC laptop which can barely run premiere and has a tiny screen and that's in the past 7 days...


Quit messing with inane features like together view and just make the basics work already. 


My case is very similar to the previous one. I'm forced to use Teams. What a disappointment realizing that the audio system doesn't work in Macs! Such a problem. I had prepared my lessons carefully and the sound didn't go through... what a shame! I was wondering what the problem was because I had recently changed to a Mac but honestly... with this Pandemia going worldwide you should be ready to provide a complete service. We are not even in the free version.


Do you have any update on this problem? 

It's december, CY20Q3 is long gone and Q4 is almost over. I see that this has been pushed back to Jan 2021.

@Petrisz Right? This is pathetic. 

@KHSherwood So just as I was about to join the Mac user rancor, I was told by a colleague that audio should work fine on a Mac through Teams without having to check anything. I tested it out first using my headset and that definitely didn't work. However, I changed my device settings in Teams to my internal speakers and after playing a YouTube video, my colleague was able to hear it perfectly over Teams. So, test it out without a headset and see if it works.


Microsoft team, shame on you for leaving us in the lurch. 

Here's another work-around:
Download the audio device Blackhole Virtual Audio Driver (for free):

The 2 channels version is fine.

Then in systems audio settings, set Output to Blackhole, and in Teams, set the Microphone to Blackhole


The problem I have discovered is that there seems to be an intelligent noise filter inbuilt in the microphone input on Teams, trying to sort out everything that is not human voice. When playing music for example, you need to turn up the volume to almost maximum to let the music pass the filter. At low volume you will find out that only when someone is singing, the music will pass. 


I guess that a "share computer sound" option would not have such a filter. Let's hope MS can finally add this.



This needs to be prioritised, It's important to share system audio during Corona

another work around is: watch2gether

Joining is free, it works with teams. People can share many different video formats, youtube, vimeo etc etc. Its simple, works with VPN or firewalls.
Each person can also control the video, stop it etc etc. I find it good for teaching. 

There is always something to screw you up however and lower levels of MS Internet Explorer may not support it.  Otherwise its great. 

@gamason - I could be wrong but I think what you are experiencing is Teams picking up the audio through your external speakers.  This is not the same as sharing audio, it is simply sending audio out your speakers which your mic will pick up, just as it does your voice.


I too have this issue and would like to have a resolution.  Especially since Zoom has had this support forever and with Covid challenges, this should not be an issue.  We should have a working Teams capability.  I don't understand why they can't resolve.


I'm beginning to feel that asking for this to get sorted is like shouting in a vacuum.... 

Its a complete pain . 


WOrked, thanks!! the only problem i am facing,,is that they can hear the video i am playing... but i myself in my computer i am not able to hear the video... @matslew 


Although I agree with everything in this thread, it occurs to me that progress is probably being slowed down by Apple, not MS. Having said that, if Teams actually worked properly on my PC laptop, that would be a great start!

I have given up and decided to buy LoopBack . . I teach at the university and need to share videos to my classes. . .had to rewrite my entire syllabus and need this capability . . will let you know how it goes . . .@KHSherwood 


This may or may not help as I haven't had much luck with it yet, but my technician found a program called Voicemeeter Banana, which is a free audio splitter. (I needed this to make video tutorials in Cubase.)