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Meetings in Teams have a "Meeting notes" tab, which is a great space to jot down notes for a meeting. Sharing them via a link would be convenient.

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Hi @hkiang01

[Updated] Multiple feedbacks open for this including

Make meeting minutes shareable · Community (

Integrate OneNote, Planner into Meeting Notes · Community (

Would recommend to vote to push it up the agenda. Voting will mean you will be notified if it gets picked up. A think a lot of momentum is picking up for some sort of merger between OneNote and Teams Meetings in the future. We'll see!

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

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Meeting notes in general are hard to find, hard to use, and a little wonky. There are some sort of sections that get locked and unlocked, so you can sort of co-edit but not smoothly. No one in our company uses them as the information just gets lost.

@Christopher Hoard all three of those links you provided are dead. any update on this, or a different link I can upvote?

Hi, I updated for you :D

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi its broken again, can you update it again?

BR, Josef