Sharepoint for my Teams?

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I've created a Teams site for personal use. I'd like to sync the files on the Teamsite to my personal computer. At work, I have a work-based Teams site, and am able to sync these files to my computer (when I select a file on the Teams site, an option appears that allows me to open it in Sharepoint, where I can then sync it to my computer). However, I don't see this option on my personal Teams site. The only option that appears is for me to Sync this with my OneDrive account, but when I do, it asks me to log in to my onedrive with a different address than what I normally use (an "" account). When I try to log in with my normal account, it says "you can't sign in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account instead."


I've tried searching for an answer to this, but I haven't found a clear one yet. If I have a personal teams site, what do I need to do in order to sync the files on the Teams site to my computer (either via Sharepoint or OneDrive)?



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First of, syncing SharePoint libraries Utilizes OneDrive to do so. But you then also bend to be logged into that account in OneDrive as the user you have in SharePoint (Teams)

It seems you created a free version of Teams and by that created a admin account. The one you are referring too. You need to use this to login to onedrive
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You cannot sync with Free Teams unless you have your own OneDrive for Business account and are invited as a guest/member to the free Team tenant. It's a mess, so I would recommend just pretending the option doesn't exist ;p


Anyway, you must have a O365 Business account with OneDrive and visit that SharePoint / Teams as a guest user in order to sync. You cannot sync with OneDrive personal to a SharePoint/Teams site. 

Chris is right here, Onedrive is not part of the free service!!

Thanks all, this is what I was looking to answer!