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I'm currently challenging shared voicemail within voice enabled channels. I have a setup with one Auto Attendant and four Call Queues in one Team. Depending Auto Attendant menu options caller will be routed to call queue which is assigned to channel (voice enabled channel). I also setup voicemail on M365 group base whenever no attendant is available.
Whenever a voicemail is coming up it is viewable over all four channels --> For example a voicemail was left within channel 1. In my opinion only attendees from this channel should see the voicemail but all attendees over all channels can see it and listen to it.
Does anybody have experience with such a case? Hope that this is not default experience.
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@Sebastian Braun Do you have multiple voice enabled channels in the same team? I haven't actually tried that as it seemed like a bad idea. The issue is that regular channels don't have a membership list, only the team does, so there isn't really any way to determine who has access to which channel. The voicemail gets delivered to the mailbox for the team, again no way to determine which channel it's for.


I agree the documentation isn't very clear on this point, but I think it's the experience you should expect with more than one voice enabled channel per team. The solution is to have multiple teams.

Hey Steven,
thanks for the reply. Yes I do have multiple voice enabled channels in the same team. This makes sense in my opinion as it is easier for agents to handle voice requests without multiple Teams switching.
Depending M365 Rollout Item 68770 I confirm that microsoft isn't very clear about this. I understand that this isn't a default possibility means the only way to go would be a split in separate teams, right?

Just another point on this, are missing calls working for you within voice enabled channels? Microsoft has announced it but it isn't working until now within my implementations.


@Sebastian Braun I would go for separate Teams. To be honest once you get to the same users being in multiple queues I would start thinking about looking at third party solutions, pretty quickly you need features like skill based routing rather than simple queues that many of them offer. 


Yes I get missed calls in my Voice Enabled Channels, the only point I would add is that anything you change with a voice enabled channel typically takes at least 24 hrs to settle down.

Thanks again for your reply. Will think about this point.
Depending missed calls would be interesting why I'm not seeing them. I tried in different Tenant nowhere working. And I don't think that there is any special setting to do for.
Maybe you have a hint on that.