share document camera and webcam at the same time (multiple camera's)

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Can I share a document camera & a camera of myself in MS Teams?  Just got a document camera and I've been playing around w/ the Share -> Document feature but it won't stream my other webcam of me! 🤷‍:male_sign::astonished_face:


How come teams has some fancy document sharing feature but not the basics?  Hope I'm missing something here :crossed_fingers:.


Reference: Zoom can do this, YouTube HowTo & Univerity of Wisconsin Stevens Point PDF how to








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@Michael T. DePouw Spottedmahn you aren't missing anything, when using the document camera feature it replaces the users camera.


There are ways to work arounds, for example open your document camera in the camera app on your desktop and then share the screen.

Not natively. Another workaround is the use of applications such as OBS Studio.