Screen sharing on Teams using Macbook cannot see controls

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I am a trainer running a program with a corporate client that uses MS Teams. I have the resident app, so not just a browser user. I am linked into their internal corporate group as a "guest" so I can interact with their teams channel and post docs, etc.   I need to show PPT slides and do training to large groups and am having issues with how screen sharing works on my end. I only get two options when I try to screen share: WINDOW or DESKTOP. I don't see a different between the two when I try to launch a PPT via either method, and what is happening is that when I go to a PPT that is open in a desktop, I lose access to TEAMS app except a tiny little box that won't show me when a hand is raised or a question in put into chat, and I need that as a presenter. How can I manage the group interaction while screen sharing? I am not getting options like I read about, such as whiteboard or powerpoint when I go to screenshare, so I am thinking something is different about my setup or maybe it's because I am a guest in their environment? I need to fix this ASAP. Please help!

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Yes, this sounds like it’s due to you being a guest.
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Hi @lisanap ,


Just playing out the scenario as a Guest to be sure. However a couple of things to call out:


For the PowerPoint presentation option to be available, we need to ensure that it has not been turned off via meeting polices on the Admin side of Teams. I very much doubt it but worth noting that this is an option that can be toggled off.


Also you tend to need to have the Presentation available within a Cloud location available to that Org, be that OneDrive for Business or the underlying SharePoint site of the Team.


So if you get the option of Browse when clicking on Share you may be able to choose upload from computer and make it available that way.


Or if you ask ahead of the meeting for it to be added to the files section of the relevant channel and see if it becomes an option.


Like I say I am going to play out specifically the Guest scenario and will report back.





Hi @lisanap ,


Yeah defo just seems to be the one sharing option when you are a guest and once selected you can then choose, between screen, app window or Edge Browser tab.


So one possible happy medium and whilst in the new meeting experience might be to snap your meeting window to one half of your screen and the other can be your presentation and allow you to click through. Better still if you have two monitors.





I would like to add to the list of problems that Teams has on MacBooks:

1. When I am sharing the presentation and use 2 screens, the presentation is on both screens - Teams does not allow to see either the participants or controls. 

2. When I have my classroom notebook open I cannot see the students and cannot get a separate window with the participants opened in a different monitor. 

3. Even though I use the new option that allows to see more visitors at once, the Teams are showing me only 9 participants, and they are the same most of the time. 

4. When I want to share an audio file or a video with audio, I do not have an option to share the sound which non-Mac users have. 

5. Somehow I do not have an access to the whiteboard unlike non-Mac users. 

6. There are glitches when more that one person are working on the same file. 

In fact, it looks like the version for Mac is reduced.