Schedule a meeting is missing form teams app on Mac and from web browser

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I am trying a schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams, however the option is missing completely from the Mac app and also from the browser version.  I only have available 'Activity', 'Chat', 'Teams', 'Calls', and 'Files'.


I have checked the meeting policies at,. Policy assigned for all users are on for: 

Allow channel meeting scheduling

- Allow scheduling private meetings


This is how the policy looks: 




Do I need to make additional setting in O365 or set up exchange ? 


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So no one have the calendar option in the Teams client?

How is the exchange online config looking?

@kkrumov did you manage to resolve this? I have teams for Mac, thought I was going crazy as cannot 'schedule a meeting'?

Same here, I use Teams in my web browser. Scheduling meetings is completely unavailable.



It can be done through MS Outlook, in Calendar, creating a Meeting. It is an option there for Teams Meeting.

Sorry, but what kind of a solution is this to schedule meeting through Outlook?

We do not use Outlook for email and calendars, but have Teams for online meetings. How do we schedule meetings then? :D

@LukaJ1705 There are two versions of Teams. The business version comes as part of Office 365, which includes a mailbox, and the two are totally integrated, when you schedule a meeting it's created in your associated mailbox. No mailbox, no meeting.


There is also what's called the 'Free' version of Teams, this doesn't come with a mailbox, and instead you can integrate with gmail or just get a link to send using your own email

@Steven CollierWe have a business version, but we are not using Microsoft products for our corporate email and calendars. Unfortunately since some actions in Teams tend to be so complicated, we end up not using Teams as well, and rater use free solutions... all I would need is an option to schedule a meeting and get a link which I can send via email or DM. Is that really too much to ask from a video conferencing software? :)

@LukaJ1705 In a channel, can you press the Meet button and start a meeting. When you join you should be offered the options below to share that link.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 172926.png


You can then close the meeting, and restart it later if you like.


For all other ways to schedule a meeting you need a calendar in Office 365, so there is a place to store and retrieve that meeting link.