Save Teams Meeting Recordings Locally

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Is it possible to save Teams Meeting recordings locally instead of in Stream?

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No, that is not possible. Teams will record in a azure service and then encode and upload to Stream.

You could download the file from Stream and save somewhere locally.

Skype for business recorded locally but the problem there were that the person recording could not leave the meeting and sometimes the encoding didn't work so I think it is good that Teams uses recording service in azure.

Thanks @Linus Cansby .  We've been testing recordings and at some point, we had users who received the attached message after recording.  Though the meeting notes a recoding failed message, they could click download and it saved the recording locally, and the recording was playable.  I'm trying to figure out what setting we had so that worked.

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Second time I see that message this week here, some bug maybe? The recording will be downloaded from a Teams service running in Azure, it is in that service that the meeting is recorded. When you stop the recording the recording should be encoded and uploaded from the teams recording service in Azure to Microsoft Stream and it is that that fails for you.


Make sure that users have a license for Microsoft Stream and that it is activated for them.

I’ve seen this once before too. It seems that the teams recording service couldn’t ‘push’ the file to steam for whatever reason.

Only once, so it must be some transient issue.

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I did not understand if you need to save it locally or this is not the preferred behavior?


Some companies do not want to have the recording to be saved in the Stream.

In such cases you may consider using a third party solution such as SphereShield here:


This will also allow to share video externally as well as perform eDiscovery on a company level.

@Erin Scupham If you disable the Stream licences for users then the meeting is recorded and processed  in Azure but it will not upload it to Stream as the user does not have a licence. The recording will be visible in  the meeting chat the  user has 21 days to download the meeting recording before the file is auto deleted.

@Deleted Thanks Nikki!  I think this is a new feature as it didn't use to do that?

@Erin Scupham I don't think it is a new feature but a little known feature. Here are the full details from Microsoft Docs Teams cloud meeting recording 

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I have recently recorded several meetings in Teams, one or two videos are not showing download buttons, how do i download these videos