Reusing Teams Meeting URL/permanent "meeting room"

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Once I "Meet Now" in teams, I can obtain the URL link to that meeting and save it. Then, even after I leave the meeting and close teams, the link is still good. That is, later I or someone else can click on that URL and it opens the meeting back up, in the same day, anyway.


The question: how do I determine if this ability to reuse a generated URL link a feature of teams that is likely to remain available, as opposed to a "side effect" of how it works right now that will stop working in a future release? (Also, does anyone know if "meet now" links expire, that is, will no longer work next week or next month?)


P.S.: I am aware of the security implications of this but it isn't an issue in this case, but the convenience of a permanent "meeting room"-- that is, a reusable link that the participants have and can bookmark and reuse-- is important.

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That's a big help, thank you! @Vasil Michev 

@Vasil Michev Hello


I was testing some really old links from last year - regular link with start/end time and they still work. Has expiration rule changed since this post? Many thanks