Responses in MS Teams chat appear in random place

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This week, several of our employees have reported that when chating in MS Teams, other persons response/text does not appear in the bottom of the chat as usual but in the middle of the conversation. Because of that, there has been cases when our employee waits for the response from the other end for the whole day, but actually he/she has already answered, just the answer is somewhere in the middle of the conversation.


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Same issue here, this a huge problem for me.
However, I've found out that if you detach the chat window, the messages in the detached window are in the correct order, but the main Teams window still has the base problem of messages appearing above the message that I've just sent.


Our just started this week.  We are in the process of rolling out Teams to the rest of our org and then started to see this issue.  We had 30+ people on it testing and did not see it but, now that we have added the rest (only 175 total), we are also seeing it.  

We have opened a ticket with Microsoft.

same problem here, is there any work around other than detach windows? users start to make noise
Same issue here, very frustrating.
Thank you for creating this post and for everyone who has Given Feedback in the app about this issue to help us identify it. We are in the process of testing a fix and are working hard on expediting the release of that fix to everyone as soon as possible.

@Jason_Schumacher Hello Jason, it's awesome when MS employees jump into conversations when there's a service degradation or similar. I've read several conversations about this issue so will try to add it to those conversations as well. Thanks for the update!

@Jason_Schumacher  do you have any update about this fix coming? Thanks

@Jason_Schumacher please update the estimate date this bugs fix.


It has been a month since this problem started. What's happening? My employees are getting impatient and I can't keep telling to pop out their chat or to use web version of Teams instead..

Best wishes
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@Hannes95 I'm happy to announce that the fix has been rolled out as of today.


If you still experience this issue or get reports from others, please try to restart or update the client and see if that helps. If it still persists after those steps and/or later this week please update this post and I'll report that back to the team.




Good job Jason!

 I am also getting the same response, My teams text is appear after some time.@Hannes95 

Is there any action needed for this fix to be applied?