require sensitivity label when creating a Team

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In the "Three tiers of protection overview" documentation, it states to "consider creating a "general" label and then requiring that all teams be labeled".  Where is the configuration setting to require a label upon team creation?  I've got sensitivity labels working, but the "None" option is still available in the sensitivity drop down, so users can bypass selecting a label.

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Disregard - found it - Label Policies!

Great you found this can be configured via label policies

Question is, does requiring a label on a container require EMS E3 or EMS E5 licensing? I'm not able to find where this is specifically documented.

@ChristianJBergstrom Brilliant - thanks. We were advised by Microsoft that mandatory labeling requires EMS E5.  Unfortunately we can't verify since we don't have a tenant that doesn't have at least one E5 license.

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@DaveTheTeamsGuy Hello, the initial question you asked is a bit down there, called sensitivity labels for containers (teams, sites, groups). And I believe the article simply implies that you publish these so the users have to choose one.




@Juan Carlos González Martín Sorry for hijacking your conversation ❤