Repeatable Checklist Capability

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We are looking for repeatable, template driven Checklists in Teams and Planner. 


So for example, New Employee onboarding might have 30 items assigned to 5 different people. A new Project startup might have 25 items assigned to 10 people. There might be 10 different types of checklists. (all numbers are sample for scale).


Could try in Planner but since subtasks cannot be assigned, that does not work unless a whole Team is the template and that is way unwieldy.


Has anyone solved this with an extension or app plugin?



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Hi @Rob O'Keefe - we use a Power Automate flow for employee onboarding/offboarding as well as kicking off a new project. We fill out a form (List) and when it's submitted, it creates all the tasks, based on conditions such as 1099 versus full-time employee, in an existing planner and assigns owners and due dates.



Thanks, we were thinking about something like that. Where is the template list of tasks, just more or less hard coded into the Power Automate?
We do have all the tasks/conditions hard coded into the flow. If we ever need to rebuild, I'd prefer having a look up list for the flow to cycle through to make it easier for folks to see/update the logic without digging through a flow.