Recording Failed to Upload to SharePoint

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Hi there,

I have been recording files since the first day of my class. However, today, after stopping the recording, it shows 'recording failed to upload' prior to some AMS Document Generation error. I come from a non CS background and I don't know how to fix this.

I did not find the recording even on SharePoint. And actually, while trying to share a totally unrelated file on SharePoint, even there it says 'Something went wrong'.

It was my last class today and the lecture is extremely urgent to get.

Please help. Earnest request.


@Pernille-Eskebo @sharepoint

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Hi, sorry to hijack your thread but we just had a student call with the exact same error, is there an issue today Microsoft? If not what do you recommend? Thanks
Even I don't understand that, SharePoint is not responding properly too. @Pernille-Eskebo please resolve this,

Participating in the thread, experiencing the same issue today!

Just had a service update from Microsoft TM299667. Mentions this issue:

"- Users may have experienced delays with calls or meeting recordings being available within SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Users may have received the error 'The recording could not be uploaded and will expire.'"

Says they have deployed a fix but can't tell if this is for the video upload issue or the image issues they were also experiencing.
When do we get the recordings then? Can you please let me know who to contact?

I don't know, I'm just a customer like you. It also depends what level of customer you are as to how you contact Microsoft. I would have hoped you would have had a reply on this forum but if not you maybe better phoning direct. They do say:

"Final status: We've deployed the fix and confirmed that the issue is resolved after a period of monitoring. Users may need to switch between chats or scroll up and down within a chat to trigger the re-rendering of the images."

So you may want to log out and back in again to check your recordings. I just don't know if they will be lost or not, they seem vague.

@rupkathag - Experienced the exact same issue today. Following for response. 

Also having the same problem today... and really hoping the session isn't lost!!

Experiencing exactly the same thing. Following for updates

You should all open up official support tickets with Microsoft so they can help you with the recordings. If you're not administrators reach out to that individual so he/she can create those ticket from the M365 admin center.
How to open an official support ticket?

Yeh agreed. Was waiting to see if our user got her recording back after the 'fix' but no sign of it as yet. Will raise a ticket in the morning if still the same (although I am an Admin) Cheers

I have the same the issue - I hope to get the recording somehow!
three days since last reply here

any official news? are the failed recordings gone and unrecoverable or is there a glimmer of hope?

an official statement would be nice :)
No one replied, however I searched for a similar thread.

Seems some way out!
hi, thanks for swift reply :)

unfortunately, this opens a teams meeting which i can't join or noone is accepting me so i can't see the chat

could you write here what was the way out suggested there? would appreciate it! :)
I have a case open and working with Microsoft to recover the recording, it's a real pain.

If you are an admin or can pass on to an admin you can try below (didn't work for me but I know it does for others)

We’ve found some success following these steps:

1.Open the help dialog box from

2. Type Diag: Missing Recording in the search bar & return

3. enter URL & date of meeting in the supplied fields

If successful:

This will generate a URL. Go to the URL and the meeting recording will download.

If not successful:

4. It’ll tell you to log a ticket with Microsoft