Read Receipts for Teams Personal and Group Chats


Teams users can now see read receipts for messages in private and group chats. The read receipt is a visual indication that someone has read a message rather than a positive signal back to the user, but it works well. Controls over read receipts are available at a user and tenant level (through messaging policies).

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It’s become active in a tenant I’m using but is a bit hit and miss so far. In a single conversation one message had the eye, a batch had nothing and another just had sent. All had been read by the recipient and they had not changed any settings :worried_face:

We're having some interesting things happening and not sure if they are by design or not. Scenario: All of us have read Receipts ON we are in an internal Group chat.

I see that my Chat has been sent via the tick Icon, The Tick icon only stays for the most recent entry. Once you have further chats or replies, the tick disappears. (Same thing happens for the eye icon in a 1:1 Chat). In the Group chat you hover over an existing chat select the ellipses then Read by... In all my cases there is only ever 1 read but 4 people are in the chat all adding content including adding a Like to my message BUT they have not been recorded in the read receipts. All of us are experiencing this. I would like to know what happens when everyone has read the chat but cannot do this. Any ideas on what we could do apart from shutting down, logging out or is this by design. I cannot find any posts or better blogs to find out this info. Its as though no one has the capability to have read receipts yet. @Tony Redmond 

@Jeff Bell Have all clients been upgraded to the latest version?

Hi Tony we are on version updated about 3 weeks ago. 16 - 18 December. So assume this is the latest.

@Jeff Bell  What can I say? It took the Teams product group a while to deliver read receipts and I still see some snafus. If you can reproduce a scenario, maybe you can document it and report to Microsoft (formally - via a support ticket) so that it is worked on and resolved.

Might do that. We were hesitant as we don't know how the Read receipts actually worked. Doesn't seem to be much information and real life usage blogs at the moment. Thanks @Tony Redmond 

Hello, I cannot find the setting to turn off read receipts. Has it been removed? I have social anxiety, and I would like to be able to read a full message without having to deal with it immediately. Thanks.