{Question / Suggestion} - Is there a way to email files or links directly from Teams?

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I am wondering if there is a way from the Teams desktop app to select a file and either email the link, or a current copy of the file, directly to an email address? 


This could be useful for possibly keeping a dated log of progress by emailing current copies of the files stored on a weekly/monthly/whatever basis, Or to share files outside of teams more easily than downloading a copy of the file and then sending that out through Outlook. It seems like it would be an easy integration to the Office 365 email service, and would improve ease of use for several scenarios. 


If this already exists, please let me know where to find it! Otherwise, consider this a suggestion for a new feature. 



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@AlexB42   this is a great question/suggestion to answer it short currently not but as soon as Microsoft release the same toolbar to SharePoint / Teams yes that would be possible.

SharePoint Toolbar ribbon has the Share option which is coming soon to MS Teams.

@AlexB42 Here is my pennies worth!

Your example of storing copies, the files are in a SP document library that has major versioning automatically switched on, therefore you can always go back and look at previous versions - not sure if this is helpful?


There is only the Copy Link action from a document that you can then paste the link into an email, however, you will need to make sure that the recipient is a member of that Team.


As for email a file from Teams there are a couple of UserVoice posts for this so you could vote for them:







@AlexB42 I may be missing (part of) the point here, but since files in Teams are actually stored in folders on SharePoint, I would have assumed that you can share a link directly from Teams, or at least share it directly from SharePoint?


I've done direct sharing from SharePoint and OneDrive and the target receives an email that will allow them to view, download, and/or edit the file depending on your settings.


If you need to share files outside your organisation, that will be a SharePoint setting, I presume, since files in Teams are stored there, as mentioned above.


Let me know if I've misunderstood the problem.

The simple question is, using Outlook, can I not email a file that is stored in Teams to an outside party?


Disclaimer : I do not work for Microsoft, just an app user.

I assume by outside party you mean someone who is not a member of the Team where the document is stored. My personal experience is that: 

- in Teams: share links to document to either ppl in the Team or outside of it: Select the doc in teams from radio button, click on the 3 dots to the right of the doc name, copy link. As the menu opens to confirm copying of link, you can select who to share with: ppl with existing access, specific ppl etc.. click Apply. If specific ppl is selected type in their e-mail addresses. you can allow editing of file or not.

- In SharePoint (SP): open the file posted in Teams in SharePoint (same 3 dot menu, further down "open in SP"). In SP select the file and click on the Share button, similar choices to share within the Team or outside.

- You can open the file in the Desktop Application from either Teams or SP -  in the app File menu, Share, there is an additional option (not existent in Teams or SP - at this time anyway) to Send a copy.  

Hope this helps, I am learning as I go along.