Public and private channel chat

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where does public and private chat saved in Microsoft 365? there was a folder called Teams chat in my Onedrive but was empty. I had this impression that they get saved in outlook. it is not there. 

the underlying sharepoint site for that Team is also not having any folder for chat conversation. it has a folder called conversation when i click it takes me to outlook ( I previousely said there isn nothing saved in outlook.)


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Hello, chats and conversations are being processed by Azures chat service and stored in Cosmos DB. What you have seen are the folders with attachments being shared in these chats and conversations, in OneDrive and SharePoint. The chats are only added as compliance objects in hidden folders in the user mailbox for private chats and the group mailbox for channel conversations, meaning in Exchange online, and that for compliance. There's no way to extract chats without using the compliance tools in M365 admin center (compliance).

This explains how SharePoint and OneDrive interact with Teams.