Provide Presenter a floating list of attendees

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We use Teams to work out Kanban Board (Work in Progress and resource assignments) The team leader presents the "Board" and we discuss task priorities, state of active tasks, and availability of resources to take new tasks. The team leader needs to know who is online to be able to ask questions of those participating. As of yet, we have not been able to find a way for the presenter to show his full screen (or application) and then have a list of attendees that he can call on. Hopefully this list can be in a floating window that can be moved to a second display that is not seen by the attendees. Does anything like that exist? I've also tried to run a second copy of Teams to see if I could control that separately but it does not seem to allow me to do that. Does any one have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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No, this is not something that exist off the bat!
There is the members of the Team page where you can see the presence of the members!

@jeffd349 Press the globe at the top right of the Planner tab to open it in a separate browser window, then share that window ...

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@jeffd349 What might work is to start a 'meet now' as usual in your team channel (I didn't test a scheduled meeting, we mostly use meet now), and share your board/app. On a second display, open in Chrome, join the meeting again, and use the 'participant' button to see who is in the meeting - it will open a sidebar with current participants and allow you to add more people. That gives you the ability to present a full screen app, and on the second monitor see what you are presenting as well as the list of attendees.

I was able to open the App version on one display and the Browser version on another display. Works for me. Thank You.