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For some reason, after the latest Teams update (I don't actually know if I'm behind or not, but it changed the icons and the colour scheme of the app), I can't see some of my friends' profile pics. Just two of them. Can you please explain what happened and what steps I can do to fix that? Thank you very much!


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Hi, probably just a cache related issue. Try signing out from Teams manually (top right corner). It's easy to verify by going to Teams online to see if the profile picture issue is there as well.
I read other discussions like this and saw this same response. I signed out and signed back in and it still hasn't changed anything except more new updates.
And how about Teams online? Same behavior?
Yes. It's all the same.
this also makes me mad (ocd type of issue) and apparently there's no quick fix. maybe opening tickets to the MS Teams support team so they can take a look at it?



I know this is an old post, but posting here for anyone that stumbles across this thread in the future.


  1. Go to File Explorer (on a Windows OS)
  2. Exit from teams via the system tray
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\"User Account Name"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams
  4. AltaiMedved_0-1646925925480.png
  5. Clear all items in the directory except for update.exe and app.ico
  6. Relaunch teams as you normally would

Occasionally, rebooting your computer is necessary for the cache to rebuild. I send this out to end-users at work that report this issue and it works for them. Hope this helps any future folks!