Problem when sharing a link to a subfolder, user get access to ALL subfolders.

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Hi All,


I wanna share some subfolders from a channel to specific people (not members in the channels or team). I am using the Share a link functionality, but it's not working as expected.


I have the following folder structure 

Folder A

     Subfolder A1

     Subfolder A2


Folder B

     Subfolder B1

     Subfolder B2


When I try to share to a specific person only Subfolder A2, I create the link with view-only option, but the person which receives the link gets access to all Subfolders under Folder A.


Below is the subfolder and the link to "share selected item to specific peoples".




Below is the box where I enter the person and copy the link.





Is this a bug or a mistake on my end?




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That icon is to share within your tenant in file explorer and associated drives.
To share with a guest highlight the line then right click and choose share which will be a blue word
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Yes, they will get access to everything in the subfolders (if you don't change the permissions to them as well). They will also get access to new content added.

For SharePoint sites used in a team I usually recommend users not to share to users that are not a member of the team, it is not clear to other members that folders are shared outside of the team to other members so it usually gets messy.