Problem generating the hyperlink to join the meeting when creating invitations - long URL instead

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From Outlook 2016 with the MS Teams add in active, I go to calendar and click on the icon New Teams Meeting to generate the invitation, it creates long an ugly URL address (see file Capture1.jpg) instead of getting an invitation with the footer with the nice hyperlinks (see file Capture2.jpg) that I get from all my other colleagues.

In the Office options, the compose message format is HTML. I tried uninstalling and re-installing MS Team, I removed the add in before re-installation

Any ideas what could be happening and how could this be fixed?




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Hello, not sure here. Could be your Outlook client as well. A couple of suggestions.

- Try updating Outlook (Office).
- Create a new Outlook profile.
- Reinstall Outlook (Office) then reinstall the Teams desktop client.

See this for info and notice the "other considerations" and "troubleshooting" part

I am facing the same issue. Any resolution yet?