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Hello Teams,


I have a university account at Roskilde University, and have problems with login on the desktop app. The two screenshots attached show the problem. I have contacted the it-support at my university which assured me that the problem is not originating from them, and that I should contact Teams support.

I have a MacBook Pro (13", medio 2012) and MacOS catalina version 10.15.7

Can you please help me?



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Hi @Alexandre_Gernigon 

1. Have you tried clearing the cache?

2. Have you also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Teams?


Please read through this past post from our for possible solutions:

Microsoft Teams app on Mac OS - Microsoft Community

Hi @ThereseSolimeno ,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have tried both, and it is still not working. I have also read through the link you sent, but none of those ideas worked neither. Do you have any other ideas?



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