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I would like to ask if everyone has got the "present in teams" button in powerpoint. My colleague has got it for a few days, and he is not even in current channel. I am in current channel and my version is 2105 (Build 14026.20246). I still do not have the "present in teams" button in my powerpoint


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Hi @Jin Chen   This feature just started rolling out this month - if your colleague has it you may want to check with your IT administrator.  Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Did this problem get solved? If so, how did you solve it? :)

It's been a year and our organisation (using Microsoft 365 A5 licences) still doesn't have this feature.
Our admin can't work out what the problem is either.
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Thank you for your reply Christian. :)

I understood that my 'Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty' license would be the same as the 'Office 365 A5' mentioned in the article.