Power BI report in Team Desktop showing wrong date format.

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I have Power BI report in MS Teams tab, the issue is the date format is in US  on desktop version and the date format is in UK in the online Teams version. I want the format to be in UK for both.


I have checked the Teams setting in desktop and also the windows setting in for the region and confirmed it is set to the UK.



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@cleirMK61 Experiencing the same problem. When opened in browser (Chrome 78.0.3904.70) I can navigate to settings via. gear icon, settings, language and changing to Norwegian it show the correct formatting. While in MS Teams the viewer that shows the PBI reports does not import these settings from the web page or the Teams client (set to Norwegian). W10 is also in Norwegian. 



Hi, experiencing the same trouble with Teams Tab: when opening the rapport via the web icon, the date format is correct (Following W10 - Edge defauls settings (french in my case)); when opening tab in Teams, the date is in reverse mode (English - uk). I checked my language settings of Teams, and the dates are showing right (french) in conversations within Teams… So, it seems obvious that Teams / PowerBi is the culprit…; hope Microsoft will correct this bug soon….

Fyi, i'm using last version of Power BI Pro and Teams is up to date…..

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Teams version x64

@cleirMK61Has there been an update/fix for this? I have just found the same issue



Has anyone found a fix for this?






Does anyone have any sort of update or work around for this?


C'mon Microsoft!

Likewise discovered this today. The report displays the correct format (Australian) in the Power BI Service (and Power BI Desktop) but when it was added to a team in Teams it displays in the US format.

Also got this problem have added a Power Bi report to a Team and it displays the last refreshed date in the wrong format mm/dd/yyyy whereas in the Power BI web interface it is correct dd/mm/yyyy. Have checked both PC and site settings and all set to UK. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug.

@Richard Whalebelly  Hi Richard,  I contacted the Power BI team directly and they confirmed that this was a bug.  A bug with no ETA on the fix...


The Microsoft consultant said:


"We have recommended you to post an idea , so that it would be looked into and taken into high priority to implement it in near future releases.



Go Microsoft....


OK so, in the meantime I have a partial solution. This seems to work on dates in tables/matrices but not in slicers:
Ensure that your dates, in the model, are not formatted as General - they will appear good in PBI desktop but not in Teams. Instead, change them to your specific format.

So, change from this

2021-08-03 11_57_49-Attendance Metrics - Power BI Desktop.png

to this:

2021-08-03 11_58_38-Attendance Metrics - Power BI Desktop.png

No worries @WozLewis, your idea needs a heap more votes so M$ might take notice and fix a bug.