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Hi we would like to survey the user right after the call ended not letting closing the call.

Is there an API or technique that we could use for ? 




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Hi @ThereseSolimeno,


I'd like to hook in here. One of our customers had the idea to place a "post call questionaire".


What I had in mind is to offer a service that requires no manual labor in sending. For example, when a call certain companies in the US there is a recording before or after the conversation offering the caller to take a three questions survey (30 seconds) and an automated voice asks thee questions such as:


1) How satisfied are you with today’s call, press 1 for “very satisfied”, 2 for “satisfied, 3 for dissatisfied so on and so forth

2) Would you recommend us…..

3) How could we improve….


Is there any known OOTB solution or at least a 3rd party solution for that?

@Florian Adler 


Hello,  Did this question get answered?  I have a customer looking to add Post call surveys for incoming PSTN calls.


Thank you,


@Tcoursey you can't do that directly in Teams, but it's a feature of several Teams contact center third party applications.

@Steven CollierThank you!