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I have a AT2020 and in other applications like audacity and discord it sounds fine but teams absolutely trashes the quality and I was wondering if there is a way to fix it? Thanks! 

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Have you made sure that you have the right audio source for Teams selected? And that you don't have any apps that interfere with audio (adjustments) during the call? Having had some audio issues myself too due to different devices and reasons here are a few things you could do: - make a Teams call with a another user. Record it to Stream and also ask from the other participant how your audio sounds. You get the best reply from the other user. - switch between audio sources during the call - if you use a bluetooth audio device (like a bluetooth headset) it can cause issues very easily. - monitor your computer usage (Task Manager - performance): is your computer having issues with perfformance? This combined with bluetooth can spell trouble. - have you tried a Teams Certified device (headset for example) and is there a difference? - your network connection can cause also more packing of data if you are running short of bandwidth. Since the audio works with discord this shouldn't be the issue. - if you have multiple devices attached: do testing where you have only one audio device - of course keep the computer, headset or all drivers up to date. - if you think it is Teams then reinstall Teams client. It is a quick procedure: remove installation, reinstall the latest version from teams.microsoft.com and then just sign back in. Hopefully some of these help. Vesku