Plugin buttons go missing due to slow loading

Steel Contributor

We pretty consistently see plugin buttons go missing in the Windows Outlook application due to slow loading of the plugin.  This happens mainly with the Teams plugin, and it happened when we were a Skype shop as well.  We also occasionally see it with other plugins as well, like Adobe.  There's documentation on how to fix this, but I've been unable to find guidance on how to make it stop happening.  Checking in here to see if anyone has any ideas or if you experience this as well.

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Hi ThereseSolimeno,

I've read that guidance in the past, but unfortunately it doesn't address why it's happening. I'm looking for a root cause since I'd prefer to fix the problem that's causing the plugins not to load instead of having to deploy a registry hack to 40,000 devices.

This happens somewhat randomly. People who have had the plugin for months will suddenly notice it's gone.