Please Vote to get the Answer Call Button changed to Green!

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Please vote in the Teams UserVoice to get the answer button changed to Green so it stands out against the red hang up button.


I know this has been asked before, but I can't believe more people have not voted for this. It drives me crazy... almost as much that it is spread over so many separately submitted "ideas" in the Teams UserVoice... Here are a couple of the top ones I found... Please Vote so we can get this changed!



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Thank you for bringing this to the community's attention, @DanBennett 

@DanBennett this drives me crazy as well and sadly more than a year later, its still not changed!

I _SO_WISH_ I could change the phone colors!!! I would see the bright red and click on it, and wonder where the call went ... it took me a while - AND I STILL HAVE TO THINK - "do not click red phone" ... "click OTHER phone" ... so I don't disconnect my caller.

VERY VERY VERY VERY annoying. Why can we not change the color? It's just a setting somewhere.
AND ... the two linked pages no longer work.

@Suzanne_Michelle  I tried to vote but couldnt do it either!  SIGH.  I like the setting idea since those who dont care can leave it alone and those of us who prefer the Green can choose it!  

Here is one of the links:

Red button - declines the call.
Click anywhere else on the pop-up and it will answer the call.

Since many other calling apps use red and green buttons that would be the logical, but there are also users that think is very hard to distinguish red and green colors, due to their colorblindness they think that these colors are the same. Okay, that they can use the look of the icon to understand which of the icons that will decline the call and for them (as for all of us) it is easy to answer since it is only to click anywhere on the call popup.
I never knew you could "click anywhere" ... I will try to remember that.
BUT ... what it should be ... is that for both the answer and the decline buttons / phone symbols, we should be able to change their colors - I am certain it is a setting or an icon somewhere ... but where? Maybe it can be hacked!!!!

@Suzanne_Michelle Try that next time, click anywhere to answer. Or CTRL+Shift+A to answer with video or CTRL+Shift+S to answer only with audio.



I think it can be hard to find a way to hack the colors, but please come back if you find a way.

Thanks Linus!! I think that will help me at least! :)
The problem is (for me) ... the _RED_ button draws my eye, and thus my click.
Whoops ... disconnected you, sorry.