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I can not see the Planner app on my teams environment when l want to create a new tab that includes planner. What could be the problem?

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Are you in a team channel doing this?
In a gcc tenant?

I am in a Team channel

@adam deltinger 


Hi @Denelsen,

In the Teams Admin Centre (within the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre) under Teams Apps > Permissions Policies check the Microsoft and Tenant Apps.



1.) If you are using the Global (Org Wide Default) Policy, is Teams set to allow or apps, or is Planner on the allow list if it set to allow specific apps and block all others?

2.) Same if you are using a custom policy or if one is set on your user

When Adam referred to a GCC Tenant he meant do you work for a government organisation as this may also be a reason Planner is not showing up.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris