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How can I restrict access to specific channels within a team?

For example, there is a group of people for a specific Team, I have opened a channel for this team and I do not want all the people in this team to have access to it; I want this channel will be accessed only for specific people so the rest will not see it. Opening a private channel is not an option, because then I can not open the Project tab.

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If Private Channels are not an option here, then the option you have is to create independent Teams

I would agree with Juan, the whole point of a Team is that everybody within that team can access it and everything in it. If, however, all you want to do is secure files, you could create a secured document library and link that as a Channel tab, everybody would see the tab, but not everybody will see its contents. Otherwise, as Juan said, a separate Team. Good luck.

1. The purpose of this question is because I want to add a lot of projects as a channel to these team members, but every project has its own people working on it and I want that only these people will get the notification and will see the content. I am trying to avoid opening a lot of teams.

2. Can I control the notification of members on the channel? For example, they will not receive a notification when I open a new project? @tictag 



You can think of 'different people' as different teams, hence different Teams. This is just how Teams was designed. I'm not sure how you can customise Channel membership without going down the Private Channels route (Note: never use this personally, don't have much experience).


You might want to consider a 'department' Team site e.g. 'Projects', with a SharePoint page as the Team's 'homepage'*. That page could show all your relevant Projects / Teams. Note: each Team a user has access to would still be listed in their Teams list but might be more welcoming to your users.


*I can't remember how to do this but you can basically set a SharePoint site as the first thing seen when a 'department' Team is clicked, like a department Intranet page.


RE notifications ... yes, each Team and Channel has a default set of notification options, though users can still modify these defaults to suit their preferences. Note: these defaults are set across all Team members. Not sure how this affects Private Channels.


If you are left with your only option being multiple Channels for multiple projects i.e. with the same membership, you can use Team Tags to <at>mention individual or groups of Team members e.g. per project, but this sounds like a right faff to setup and maintain.


When creating a new Team, you do not have to post about it; there's a checkbox somewhere in the Create Team wizard. No post, no notification to members.


Good luck.

Thanks @tictag