Performing a script on Teams Live

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Hello we are a small arts charity delivering creative workshops to vulnerable groups using MS Teams. At end of 12 week programme each group has been performing their script in front of a small audience (using Teams). Today we tested Teams Live with a view to moving these performances to the Live platform rather than Teams Meetings. We couldn't figure out if more than one person can appear on screen at same time. We could only have one at a time. That won't work performing a script we need to have characters on screen at same time Maybe we stick with Teams Meetings? Or look at teams webinar? None of us ar tech we're all creative types :)  

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Hi @streetconesMM  For what you want to do, it's best to use Teams meetings and mute all other participants.


BTW, the only real difference between Teams meetings and "webinars" is the registration capability.  Functionality is still the same.