Outlook contacts not syncing with Teams, why?

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Hi, according to this :

You need to have a company name for every contact you want to sync to Teams. 

Why does it have to be like this. I have and lot's my customers do not understand this. In Skype for business this was so much better.

Why do I need to add a company name for eg. my parents, my friends if I want to call them. This is pointless and I think this needs to be fixed.

As from my point of view this is a major issue and a real bad feature for this kind of function.

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@Kai Stenberg Hello, if you want the contacts to show up in Teams (under Calls -> Contacts) they will when they have been assigned a phone number. Just added a contact in Outlook to verify, it didn't populate in Teams until I added a number to the contact.


Just to be clear. I did only add the name, email and phone in the above scenario. A manual sign out / sign with the Teams client quickened the contact appearing in Teams.


@bec064 but if I have already lot's of contacts in outlook, who does not appear until I add a company name in outlook eg. Private or the real company name


@Kai Stenberg That's a fair question. I suppose our environments aren't identical. The Outlook contacts you're adding a company name to already have a phone number? Do you have any contact that's missing a phone number you could test and add a number to? Or just reproduce the scenario I described earlier. It would be interesting to know the outcome.

A contact that I have in outlook who has a phonenumber and email address but no company name does not appear in Teams under contacts in calls. If I ad in Teams under contacts it does not appear in Outlook.
If would have been nice to have they both synced. :)
So as I see it, if you have outlook contacts with phonenumber and email address, without company they don't get synced into Teams contacts :(
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@Kai Stenberg Please try adding a contact in Outlook with just a name and a phone number. Sign out of Teams desktop manually (top right corner) and back in again. Does it appear under Calls -> Contacts in Teams?


Hi @bec064, this was interesting. Added a new contact without email address just company name and phonenumber on E164 standard. Did a restart and it was added.

But old contacs does not show up for some reason if I don't add a company name. Real strange.


Hi again @bec064 I think I have a conclusion. 

Just add a new contact or update an old one and restart Teams and it will show up.

Thanks for pushing me testing different way to figure this out. 


Problem solved for now I think. Have a great day and stay safe.


@Kai Stenberg I had a feeling that was the issue. Good to hear and glad to help!


@Kai Stenberg Should new outlook contacts continue to sync after I sign out once or am I going to have to sign out and in everytime I add a contact? We are also experiencing a lot of issues where signing out and in does not resolve the sync issue.