Outlook Android no Teams option, only Skype

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Outlook mobile only shows Skype as the Online meeting option, not Teams. We are full Online Exchange, no on prem.  Teams Admin has Teams Only mode set org-wide and user for months. Private Meetings and Outlook Addin are set. Exchange Web Access shows the Teams option. Desktop Outlook shows the Teams option. Teams mobile is installed on the phone, Skype is not. I can schedule from Teams mobile. Regular calendar meetings show in Teams and Outlook mobile, they are syncd.


I have tried reinstalling the app, reset account, logout and back in. It still does not show Teams as an Online Meeting option. I scoured all the forums and documents from MS. Everything is set as specified to make it work.


Anyone have any thoughts on what the problem is?

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Thanks I will try these suggestions and see what happens.
This worked, thanks so much. I think originally I added my personal email first from and that must have made it default to Skype. I was able to add back my personal after first adding the O365 account and the Teams option remained.