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Hello everyone,


At work when I go to open a file in a team's group when I click on "Open in Desktop App" it will open the document but the data is not the same as what is showing in the unopened team's file. 

Does anyone know why this is happening or how we can solve this problem? We use and update this file every hour, 24 hours a day.


Thank you for your help.


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Are you by chance using different accounts with Office? I have faced this problem a couple of times and they were related mostly becasue of working with different Office 365 accounts in Office
It should of course be the same. Tried looking at File > Versions? Up-to-date opening in web app? Any publishing config on SharePoint library e.g. major/minor versioning? Check out/in? Desktop apps download the file for use as cache, maybe desktop app using an old cache file? Google clearing office cache. Good luck.
I'm not sure, I will take a look at that. Thank you for the suggestion.
Since everything is a work account, wouldn't everything be up to date anyways across users? How can I see if an old cache file is being used? Friday when everyone was done using it, I copied the data, deleted the file on Teams and re-uploaded a new file and we are still haveing the same issue.
If you (as far as the desktop app is concerned) created a new file, this excludes cache being the problem. Wrt to your question, I don't know, I just know desktop apps cache the file*. I assume you've checked the other things and found no issues. Maybe a track changes / show markup issue? Some display options only show changes from specific users. Maybe try sharing the file outside of that particular library e.g. OneDrive. Same issue? Desktop app version? Check for updates. Good luck.

* this is where the 'recovered file options' come from if the app crashes with a file open i.e. a local cache.